Writing vs Reading

Learning in everyday life
Whether you're at home, on the bus, in the shops or at the doctors surgery, there are countless opportunities to help your child to learn. You can do this by talking with them and reading together, plus there are fun ways to develop their writing skills too.
Reading together
Reading stories with your child, if only for 10 minutes a day, helps build important skills as well as capturing your child's interest in books. Books are a rich source of information for your child as they contain words you might not use in everyday conversations. From their earliest days babies enjoy listening to stories and looking at books.
To help your child become a lifelong reader you can:
spend a few minutes a day telling stories and reading together, and make it fun by choosing books you both enjoy
talk about the pictures and characters in the books and make up your own stories
read as you walk down the street and round the shops, pointing out signs and words and talking about them
buy books as presents and join a local library

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