Complex Sentence - from Simple Sentence to Complex Sentence

Combing simple sentences to make complex sentences is an important exercise to help you advance in your writing abilities. This writing exercise focuses on taking simple sentences and transforming them into complex sentences which are then combined into a paragraph.

Simple Sentence -> Complex Sentence

Example: Tom is a boy. He is eight years old. He goes to school in Philadelphia.

Complex Sentence: -> Tom is an eight-year old boy who goes to school in Philadelphia.

Here are some simple rules to remember when combining simple sentences into complex sentences:

  • Don't repeat words
  • Change words if necessary
  • Add words to connect ideas

Complex Sentence Exercise

Combine the following sentences into complex sentences. Remember that a number of answers may be correct.

  • His name is Peter.
    He's a famous professional athlete.
    He's a baseball player.

    He has a large house in Miami.
    The house is beautiful.

    He often travels around the US.
    He plays away games in different cities in the US.
    He travels by airplane.

    He usually sleeps on the plane.
    He stays up late after games.

    He is an excellent pitcher.
    Fans love his abilities.
    Coaches love his abilities.

    Every week he plays a home game.
    The game is played in Glover Stadium.
    The game is usually sold out.

    Glover Stadium is old.
    Glover Stadium doesn't have enough seats for all the fans.

    The fans wait in line to buy tickets.
    The fans often pay more than $60 dollars for a ticket.

    The fans are unhappy about the ticket prices.
    The fans love Peter.

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